Those In Need Social Rewards is a smart system that earns (not necessarily money) for you while you volunteer with us.

We believe in rewarding our youth for their volunteering work.

How the TINstones work


As a volunteer, take part in an event of your choice and earn TINstones written against each event separately

Writing a blog:

Submit blogs by making an account with us; earn TINstones upon approval of the blog.

Completing your profile:

On profile completion, TINstones will be credited.

Invite and earn:

Refer a friend and earn TINstones for increasing the ChangeMaker family!

Earn more! Have more!

Start your ChangeMaker journey with us by earning Those In Need volunteer Badges!

The matrix below demonstrates how you would progress on the social reward scale, from a “newbie” to an “expert”.

Volunteer Badges Stones Social Media Posts Badge T-Shirt Cap Mug/Sipper Volunteer Kit
The Newbie 500 x x
The Apprentice 1500 x x x
Intermediate 2500 x x x x
Professional 4000 x x x x x
Expert 6000 x x x x x x

To know more about Social Reward Point system check our FAQs section- Reward Points Related.

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