How Those In Need Works

Those In Need is one-of-a-kind platform for everyone who wishes to volunteer and be a part of our ChangeMaker community.

Those In Need is a unique platform that allows NGOs to create events for their ongoing projects and volunteers to be a part of those events.

Volunteers can choose the NGO that they wish to support and participate in the events organised by them. Volunteers spend their productive hours for the NGO and in return they receive TINstones for the same. The process of volunteering is extremely convenient.

Volunteer With Us:

Make an account and open the door for volunteering opportunities

Explore Opportunities:

Select a cause to learn more about the changemakers in the field, and to collaborate with them

Prove Your Participation:

Upload pictures of you attending the event and rate the event

Earn TINstones:

Earn TINstones for the hours donated and win exciting goodies