Ride For Pride

07:00 AM
Connaught Place

Event Summary

To celebrate the recent victory over 377 and to remind that the fight is not over yet, Delhi Bike Pride is coming back this year on 18-November-2018. We will start from Connaught Place and move to Lodhi Garden, spreading rainbow on the way! The pride will have participation of numerous diverse riders groups and will assist those who don’t have a bike or don’t know how to ride one and take you along. We will also have 4-wheelers in case required. The march will have stops at various places and distribute pamphlets and information about the recent judgement to people around. 

Everyone is welcome to join and can represent their own organisation. However, the pride is not being organized under any brand name or any banner. It is being organised by collective effort of the community and the allies. 

The Rules are:
1) Helmets are compulsory for all (Full Turbans for Sikhs, no caps, bandana's allowed)
2) All bikes are welcome
3) No alcohol/narcotics allowed
4) Please abide by local traffic laws
5) Ride in a formation with headlights on low-beam
6) Cooperate with Volunteers

You encouraged to bring your own posters, banners and rainbow flags!



Connaught Place