05:15 PM
Near Shivaji College, Raja Garden, New Delhi-110027

Event Summary

Shelter dogs seldom get to enjoy long walks.

On Sunday, August 12th, 2018, 5:30pm onwards SGACC is conducting a shelter dog walk event, where volunteers accompanied by shelter workers will take one dog each for a long walk outside the premises.


    Walk is very basic yet very important part of every dog’s life. Still there are some dogs who do not even have access to such basics and a walk is actually a privilege for them.

    Dog’s life at shelter is not an easy one as they do not get the amount of attention they require. Eventually the days become dull and They often crave the presence of a loving friend, a family. Event ‘Dogathon’ has given them opportunity to enjoy a walk They hardly have the chance to experience.

    By taking part in Dogathon, volunteers are not only improving shelter dogs’ lives but also sending a very important message to the society. This walk is an attempt to ensure that every dog receives the love and care they deserve.



Near Shivaji College, Raja Garden, New Delhi-110027