About Us

Those In Need is a platform where we connect the individuals and Civil Society. TIN provides a common platform to various NGOs, societies, volunteers, educational institutions and corporates to establish a network to maximise the impact of their philanthropic efforts.

Mission and Work Approach


TIN identifies its target group - NGOs, prospective volunteers, self-funded societies, schools, colleges and corporates & reaches them through online and offline portals and connects them to its larger framework.


All the member volunteers and NGOs are given space to express their concerns in their areas of interest, aspirations, struggles and the same are dealt with planning by TIN advisory team.


TIN seeks to become the platform where all the current and prospective members share their time, energy & resources to help each other grow with their contributions.


We are a group of driven, passionate individuals who seek to build a better society. Through our individual, collective experiences, we realize the ardent need for creating a symbiotic, working ecosystem for all the stakeholders in our social development for maximizing the impact we want to create.

We are volunteers. We strive for change. We yearn for a more equitable, inclusive and harmonic society. We take initiative to do something for a better tomorrow.

We are a community.

We are just like you.