Our Services


Volunteer Junction:

TIN serves as a mediating agency to ensure young people avail appropriate volunteering opportunities according to their interest and competence, and CSOs can access an effective platform for searching volunteers. It mobilizes enthusiastic volunteers and seeks to fill the gap between the availability and requirement of volunteers in various CSOs. By creating a database of volunteers, TIN reduces the 'search-cost' of volunteers for its member CSOs.

Social Marketing Solutions for CSOs

By integrating theoretical underpinnings and research practices, TIN forms its marketing strategies for its member CSOs. Employing youth outreach strategy and creating communicative portals to engage with a larger audience primarily shape the social marketing strategies at TIN. The course of social marketing solutions has been designed to help the member CSOs refine their social agendas, identify prospective supporters and develop measures to engage with them for improved social participation. By widening the scope of interaction between CSOs and society, TIN endeavors to create an equitable and sustainable ground for future actions.

Strategic Consulting and Technical Assistance

A strategic model is employed to ensure that the competence of volunteers, resources of CSOs or any potential asset is channelized & utilized optimally. TIN acknowledges that a majority of NGOs are restricted by financial / non-financial constraints. By using latest models of research analytics and data based evidence; TIN facilitates cost effective budgeting and planning for the member CSOs.

Online, Social Media Promotion and Event management for CSOs

TIN acknowledges the presence of an enthralling social media space and optimizes the same in several ways to help CSOs reach a large audience. TIN allows each member to be recognized and represent itself to the larger world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are effectively used to create a promotional space for the member CSOs. This helps them instantly connect and promote their cause as well as gives opportunity to individuals to promote their work.TIN furnishes its member CSOs with a strategic and advanced promotional space, providing broad access at a less cost.

Social Events, Workshops, Seminars and Capacity Building Sessions

Dynamic life at TIN has been shaped with a series of social events. An emphasis on perpetual engagement makes TIN create an informative hub of various social events organized by CSOs. It not only updates its registered member on upcoming events, but also facilitates interaction between the organizers and prospective attendees. In collaboration with member CSOs, educational institutions and corporates, it facilitates capacity building sessions, and seeks to strengthen the community of recipients of social welfare.