Eneesh Singh Arora: Never Say Die Spirit

Eneesh Singh Arora: Never Say Die Spirit

As they say every person has a story, here’s mine-

So I spent a normal childhood, the boy who once used to swim, dance and go out to play as all kids his age would. That was till I reached 9th grade when I started experiencing pain in my legs. Walking till the bus stand to catch the school bus became a tedious task.

A visit to the doctors and a few futile checkups later, my brother took me to Vimhans hospital where they found out that I was suffering from Wilson’s – a disease in which copper enzymes begin to collect first in the liver and then in the brain, causing neurological problems. Within the next month, I was confined to bed, unable to move a limb, speak, eat or drink and then moved to a wheelchair.

Not to be pinned down by adversity, in spite of poor motor functions and other debilitating symptoms, I cleared my exams and attended regular college.

While in college I joined a society called Jagriti, which was working for differently abled students to make their life easier while in college. Though I was in the society for them to help me in my daily college fusels but it turned out that I started helping other differently abled students. I started participating in every activity I could inside or outside Jagriti. Within 2 years, I was promoted as vice president of the society, which was big achievement for me. Besides Jagriti, in my daily & my college life my teachers, my family, my friends, every person I knew gave me so much love and support which motivated me to improve and they are the ones who brought light in my life, after my college was finished I thought that all the love and support I got is not in the fortune of all, so I thought that I should repay society in some way or other but I didn’t know where to start and that’s when I met Mohit Ahuja, founder of Bikers for Good. He proposed me to participate in a social awareness event which was related to my disease and without any hesitation. I said yes to him. We held a fairly large event, which was a success and I became a known face to the bikers’. They called me an inspiration and this day paved the way for many more initiatives that I became a part of.  The event since then has been a yearly ritual that I follow. After this, I have worked as an individual and also collaborated with different groups and Non-Profit Organizations to fulfill my aim to give back to the society.

We ran a Campaign and took into our hands to go from one home to another spreading awareness about AIDS, safe sex on World AIDS Day.  I also worked with UMEED and took action against the abuse and violence that animals face called. The initiative was called #IndiaUnitesForAnimals. I also traveled to Agra to meet the beautiful young women working at SHEROES Café, all of them being Acid attack survivors and donated a sum there. My family and I donate quilts to the needy every winter as well. I have worked alongside organizations like Tickled Pink which took kids fighting with cancer to a fun picnic and gave them one memorable day, Each One Teach One, the initiative by Deepak Jhangra, where they provide kids with basic amenities for school and makes sure that no one is left behind.  Another organization that I have been a part of since almost a year and a half is Those in Need, where I have been a chief guest at Dance for Kindness, participated in Bubble parade and many more. I still want to keep pursuing this passion and keep giving back to the society.

In the end, I would just like to say that if someone’s life is full of darkness you could be the angel to bring light in their life.


Social Activist| Photographer

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Sushma Chaurasia
Sushma Chaurasia 18 May, 2018 12:15:48 PM

Eneesh Arora, you are a inspiration for lots of people. keep up the good work :*