Chandrajeet Kumar Gupta-Slums To School

Chandrajeet Kumar Gupta-Slums To School

Change is difficult, no one wants it. So, we make ourselves believe that we are content and complete; ensconced in our illusionary world where we have a truce with the time that ‘changes’ should not pierce our walls. This was the case, with parents of the slum children in  Chankayapuri Bihar, even in the 21st century they still believed, that children are an extra earning hand and education is a luxury which they could not afford.

I am Chandrajeet Kumar Gupta, founder of a campaign called ‘Slums to School’. The program aims to sensitize the parents of slum children and make the tectonic shift in their mentality so that, their children could have their right which is ‘Education’.

It all started when I was conducting a research to assess the enrolment of slum children in the nearby government schools, which are plenty in number. I was disappointed with my results because out of 300 eligible age students, only 90 or 30% were attending the schools regularly. The enrolment ratio drops further in higher classes as the pressure of income requirement from parents and family mounts. After the research was completed, I was convinced that problem was not the lack of accessibility (plenty of government schools nearby), or affordability of education centers (under RTE, education is free till the age of fourteen) or even the motivation (mid-day meal schemes, free stationery, uniforms etc). The problem ran deeper, it was what we read in our textbooks – the backward ‘mentality’ of the parents. We were fighting the age-old monster of backward thinking which keeps the vicious cycle of poverty wheeling and I realized knight in shining armor is ‘awareness’; awareness that education is the only way out of poverty. I put in a team of four volunteers and three teachers and we campaigned in the slums to convince the parents to send their children to school and do not pressurize them into dropping out just to become an extra earning hand.

We organized discussion camps where parents of non-school going children engaged with the parents of school going children. This way they can understand the perspective and benefit of sending children to schools directly from their own people, who face the same difficulties, dilemmas and circumstances.

After two months of successful campaigning, we were able to convince 50% of parents to send their children to nearby schools. Now, 270 children up from 90 earlier are enrolled in nearby government schools. We also perform a routine attendance check to ensure the children are attending classes regularly and we arrange for extra help by tying up with various NGOs which can counsel and teach these students to secure good grades.

The success of this campaign has instilled confidence in me that yes change can happen, though only gradually and it needs continuous reinforcement. Now, I am teaming up volunteers from IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur to take this campaign to other slum areas in Delhi and I plan to do the same for all colleges of Delhi University.

To scale up my project and convert it in a registered NGO, I decided to take up hands-on experience by working with other NGOs. So, I worked with NGO ‘Make a Difference’ for a complete year as the Academic support volunteer, post which I received fellowship wherein I work as City Manager for ‘Transition Readiness and Aftercare’ vertical. Till now, I have worked for many organizations like YES Foundation, SarthakPrayas, Their world and Commonwealth Youth Council.

We are lucky that we belong to a privileged class. We may not realize that, but there are people who with no fault of their own fall in the cracks of unjustified differences in the social system and never even know what it is like to have ‘privileges’. It is the time we all took a step and shared our privileges with them.

Chandrajeet Kumar Gupta| Founder- Slums to School

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