Simran -Talk Happy Therapy

Simran -Talk Happy Therapy

I’m Simran – a young 21-year-old enthusiastic psychologist, actor, anchor, a radio person, a researcher, a poet and a social entrepreneur. I have been working in media since 2011, and that is the same year I started studying psychology and fell in love with it.  A culmination of 7 years of experience in media and psychology helped me curate ‘Talk Happy Therapy’! My idea for ‘Talk Happy Therapy’ was conceived on a scooty ride and is an effort to stop our generation from falling deep into an abyss.

Our generation is special; we are not like our forefathers. We follow our hearts, we do not settle for a 9-5 job and a simple video going viral can turn us into media sensation and celebrities. Following your passion is not a choice apparently; this is something we must do. And what about those who are not that ‘special’ as per society’s definition or never become celebrities? We all have felt this seemingly innocuous discontentment of being ‘not special’ or ‘not successful’ crawl into our brains but we knock it off or bury it though we never get fully rid of it. This dissatisfaction grows roots in our brains and settles to take form of ‘Depression’. A large part of our generation has fought this issue at one or another point of their lives. More than five crore people suffer from depression in India (WHO, 2015) and it is ranked 122 in the World Happiness Index, 2017.

On a scooty ride while I was contemplating these issues and my life – this million-dollar idea struck me with one word – ‘Happiness’. The goal of human life is to be happy and right now our generation seems to be a little misguided from the route to happiness. Then, I thought to myself – what do psychology and entertainment have in common? The answer is – they both make us happier. One does it through therapies and discussion on our life problems and the other through comical dialogues, songs, stories etc. Psychology has a dry approach (the old and dull sitting on couch approach) but what if I could change the approach to make it interesting say via media ‘talks’ – on radio, on TV or on stage as public sessions with a psychologist.

Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment! Or more like Talk. Therapy. Happy. Bingo- ‘Talk Happy Therapy’

Today with my wonderful team, we have covered 4 cities, counselled 500 individuals and saved 13 lives through our fun filled dilemma solving workshops. We focus on the sources of common anxieties such as failure, bullying, relationships etc and provide counselling on how to tackle these issues in a non-conventional and non-boring way.  A lot has happened in a short duration and I want to keep on impacting more and more people. A particular case which I vividly remember is that of one of my dearest friend who was on the verge of committing suicide but fortunately my attention and counselling stopped him from taking this dreadful decision.

With all the passion, we move forward and help everyday through workshops and provide peer support to spread smiles.

Simran | Founder- Talk Happy Therapy

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