Anvi - Nazariyaeksoch

Anvi - Nazariyaeksoch

Fifteen is a delicate age. After spending a decade in illusions, we steer out of haziness and start consciously deciding ‘To be or not to be’. For me the choice was clear, I decided ‘To be’ a medium of change, as something Gandhi Ji said always inspired me ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.

It is difficult enough to break the taboos let alone think of doing at age of fifteen when no one takes your words seriously because people think ‘you are too young’ to have judgment or opinions. But they all are excuses people make because they have accepted to live with distorted views, never realizing that their rituals are outcomes of irrational superstitions. I am talking about one of the biggest taboos women bear brunt of their whole lives- Menstruation.

A lot of people are set out to speak the unspeakable but one voice- Aditi Gupta’s Ted talk stirred something inside me and made me realize what I really wanted to do! The realization marked the beginning of my journey – to burn the stereotypes and judgments and bring the purity of thoughts. It was difficult at first but being brought up in an unorthodox and supportive family gave me the courage of taking up this initiative of making society aware about “Menstruation and its Taboos”.

I started out small, taking a few workshops in the neighboring schools; creating awareness on Menstruation, talking to the students freely about the whole topic, telling them what to do and how to do. It was a bit difficult sometimes. I wasn’t appreciated by the teachers in some schools because they thought it was something that should not to be talked about in open. But I outgrew all the negatives and despite all the hurdles I have managed to conduct 20 workshops with a footfall of around 2500 people till now. The biggest achievement was the success of an event in Delhi where I organized an open discussion on “Menstruation and its taboos”

Now that I have a good start, I plan to expand my reach, make more people aware about menstruation and break the silence on this topic. I want people to understand that it’s not a curse rather a blessing to get periods. There is nothing impure about it and there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a natural process, that every girl, every woman goes through. It’s a gift to women.

No good thing ever dies and I hope my small contribution will create a ripple in the sea and bring about the change needed to break the taboos on menstruation.

Anvi| Founder ‘Nazariya’ Organisation

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