Praveen Shukla: Being Social

Praveen Shukla: Being Social

My name is Praveen Shukla and today I want to share the story of Being Social-एक नई शुरुआत with everyone. We started this group in November’15 and since then have been moving forward with the motto – “Spread Smile & Serve Humanity.”  I personally believe that one should try to spread infectious smiles to as many people as possible. These smiles bring out the positive spirit and kindness within through different actions of humanity.

My friend (Gaurav Singh) and I were compelled to start this organization when we saw a little girl, who forced by her circumstances was left with no choice by to eat from the dustbin outside of a McDonalds. It was this instance that touched out heart gravely and we decided to do our bit for the society.

Our intention is to work for as many distinct causes as possible and touch as many lives as possible. Some of the projects that we have undertaken are:

Water for Birds: We tried to save the birds from scorching heat and provide them with water at the most frequently used resting places by them. This year Indian Express published the work that we are doing and this cause was spoken about by PM Modi in one of his Maan Ki Baat speeches.

Kala Paathsaala:  We launched this initiative recently in which we try to teach the slum dweller’s kids over the weekends who are unable to afford education. We try to take up moral education and skill development for these kids. We try to celebrate most festivals with these kids as we feel that a festival belongs to all and only to those who can afford to celebrate.

We also try to support some kids who dropped out to school due to financial reasons with their entire education. Currently we are supporting 6 kids in Ludhiana and 8 in Pune.

Health & Hygiene Awareness:  We hold these sessions in slums and government schools. Good hygiene is the starting of a good life. Recently we got the support of Yuvraj Singh Foundation and the Attac Foundation for expanding our reach further.

Visiting the Old Age Homes and Orphanages: We believe that when youth will see the reality of these shelters they will at least re-think the choices they make as adults when it comes to their parents. We try to bring smiles to faces of the people who are residing in these shelters. We try to give them the warmth that they are always craving for.
From last 20 months, we have been trying to connect like-minded people for social cause under one platform. Our objective is to promote Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) and to create good Samaritans for the Society.

Praveen Shukla                                                                                                              

Being Social-एक नई शुरुआत | Social Activist| Spreading Smile

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