Latika Wadhwa : Small Beginnings Lead To Bigger Changes

Latika Wadhwa : Small Beginnings Lead To Bigger Changes

The story we are presenting today is all about celebrating the incredible women of our society. Latika Wadhwa is one such name. She serves as an apt example of what women can do if the society allows them be their own self.

My name is Latika Wadhwa and I would like to introduce myself as a young Social Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and the Founder of MaStyle Care, a not for profit organization started in the year 2013 with an aim to create awareness on various social issues and help the needy to connect with the resources across the country.

For me it all started when the winters were approaching, back in 2013. I thought of doing something for the underprivileged kids who roam on the streets of Delhi during the cold winter season. A small beginning there shaped into something much bigger and I haven’t looked back since.

In the course of 3 years, my organization has been able to conduct various online as well as offline campaigns pertaining to women empowerment, girl child education, environment, old age, blind & autistic underprivileged kids etc. Some of the successful events are: Chalk Walk Against Women Violence, Colorothon Delhi, Gift a Garden to Autistic Kids, Pop The Balloon, Birthday Away to 100 orphan girls, Elderly Birthday Party, Say No to Crackers on Diwali etc. My organization’s work has impacted more than 30,000 people across the country.

Through the campaign, Kisse Changemakers Ke we have been able to cover more than 1000 stories of Change makers across the country in order to help them with volunteers, resources as well as in outreaching and networking with the resources. With the help of the campaign various social change makers in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Coimbatore have been able to connect with each other and launch social initiatives that benefited the people of the society.

Another area of interest for me has been women empowerment. I have started social media groups like Mompreneur Circle which are connecting women from all parts of country to come together, motivate on another and inspire the womenfolk. Every week there are Facebook chat discussions with an expert to help the community of 4300+ mothers and married women solve all their problems related to restart their career.

We at Those In Need hope to share many more such stories of empowerment, progress and women power. Along with this, we will try hard to play a part in encouraging the women in our society to follow their dreams.

Latika Wadhwa

Founder MaStyle Care| Social Activist| Mompreneur Circle

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