Salma Memon: Umeed Ki Kiran

Salma Memon: Umeed Ki Kiran

I am a 24 years old, young dynamic girl. I am the founder of UMEED – A Ray of Hope for Better Tomorrow and Director – Social Ambassador of the Indian Development Foundation (IDF).

I have been an active volunteer for a number of causes for the betterment of society right from my childhood. I am associated with 14 plus NGOs in Mumbai.

I was 10 years old when I started my journey of social work with NGOs in my school days, and the 14 years of service have surely brought smiles and relief for hundreds. My life circumstances motivated me to work for the betterment of the society.

I belong to a resource constrained family, my circumstances made me realize at a very young age that it was very difficult for our parents to educate us both. My brother is 7 years older than me and had to quit his education after 10th grade so that I could study. He drives an auto rickshaw now.

The realization was on a rainy day in Mumbai, many years ago, that education was out of reach for thousands of children, including myself. The rains were pouring down heavily one night. In a dim-lit house in the slums, water was pouring from every corner, but my shivering hands were busy cutting the threads of shirts to earn 50 paisa for a night. It was all my brother and I could do to support our education.

I lost my father on the day of my brother’s wedding, which came as a huge shock to us. It was very difficult for us to survive after losing my father. I had to work part time along with college and my social activities to support my education and my family. We had no sponsors back then to support our cause.

I now work as a teacher in a Private-aided school. I can easily get a job in an international school that will pay me better, but working here validates my cause.

Every step right from childhood was very challenging till my college days. By God Grace, things are now fine and now I have found my brainchild 2 years ago which works for underprivileged and orphan children to help in education, health and empowering women.  UMEED aims to delete the word ‘Underprivileged’ from the society and make the bright future of India by spreading smile and happiness across.

Team UMEED has managed to organise over a hundred events and rallies for awareness on issues like breast cancer. We never skip a chance to spread a smile. We celebrate each and every festival to imbibe the culture in children and also organized various education workshops for children and underprivileged families.

My accolades include the Mother Teresa Award, Best Social Activist, Best Social Ambassador, Pride of the Nation, Best Social Action Award, Best Leader, Best Social Media Co-ordinator, India excellence Award, I volunteer Award, Top 100 Youth Leader of India, Best Social Volunteer work, Youth Icon Award and many more. But the real reward for me lie in the satisfaction that we have made such a huge difference in so many lives.

I believe in creating Leaders, not followers so that a leader can learn, get inspired, motivated and replicate the same at other places. I alone, or anyone other Social Activist, can’t reach everywhere. So Join Hands together to know more or get in touch you can connect with her on Facebook. CLICK HERE

Founder Umeed| Social Ambassador| Social Activist

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