Festival of Voices

Festival of Voices

Welcome to the Festival of Voices. A project where women’s stories build an alternative future.

Delhi, being the capital, represents the country. Whatever happens in Delhi influences the way the entire country is perceived. And today, Delhi is perceived as a city where gender violence is unabated and gender justice is elusive; a city where women live in fear, have little value and even less space.

Living in fear in an environment of violence is a barrier to gender equality. However, this is the environment that is perpetuated in the city through the stories we hear most often – stories of violence, loss and oppression.

Quietly, though, women in Delhi are working to question norms, challenge, struggle, resist and overcome barriers of fear and subjugation through their thoughts, words and actions. They are leaving their mark on the city and its culture. Unfortunately, their stories are unheard and invisible.

The Festival of Voices project is re-reading and foregrounding a range of powerful stories of Delhi’s women through a publication and diverse on-ground and online events. In this process, the project is bringing out the reality of women’s experiences, sensitizing and engaging citizens with women’s issues to strengthen the call for gender equality.

We are working so that the stories of hundreds of unheard women create an alternative narrative – of strength, abilities and agency. So that Delhi’s women themselves lead the way to another culture – one where citizens are sensitive to women’s rights, girls and women in the city are valued, safe, and recognized for who they are – equal.

Join us on our journey to celebrate the voices of these remarkable women and stay tuned to hear the incredible stories of just some of the women who make up the city of Delhi.

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