Biofuel: a solution to everything

Biofuel: a solution to everything

Energy defined by Einstein as E=MC2, is not as simple as it seems. It is not ‘just’ a product of mass and square of velocity but the basis of everything. It is everything. We talk, we run, we play, we eat: all of these tasks require energy. It is a presence which can neither be created nor destroyed.

This is Newton’s third law which forms the basis of energy transfer. In the real world, we use energy from the coal and petroleum that are non-renewable sources of energy. These conventional sources are exhaustible and polluting.

The shift in attention to renewable sources of energy which are new and more technologically advanced is important. If we specifically consider fuels which are used in our economy,  including those for generators, automobiles and airplanes, the demand of fuels to meet the needs of these sectors is too great. If we replace the fuel used with a renewable, cleaner and greener fuel,  it would solve a lot of problems, like a decrease in pollution and less depletion of the environment.

But what are these alternative fuels? This is explained in the next few bullets.

  • The fuels have various generations, each of them pointing towards the level of advancement of the fuel.

  • The first generation of biofuel points towards the usage of edible crops to produce fuel. But it creates the problem of competition between food and fuel.

  • The second generation of biofuels takes into consideration this problem and uses inedible crops for the production of biofuels. The major problem of these fuels was very high velocity etc which can be overcome by blending.

  • The third generation is an advanced stage of biofuels which focuses on the production of biofuel through genetically modifying algae.

This is the basic thrust of the new and renewable sources of energy which are being considered for the fuel industry.

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