Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of Volunteering

Time is money. Spend it wisely.

We have heard these words and varied versions of it over time. But how does one measure the return on investment (ROI) on the time we spend doing things which do not bring material returns?

We, at Those In Need, bring a series of aspects for you to consider when faced with the question, “Why volunteer?”

  • An hour of volunteering a day keeps the doctor away!: We are not kidding you! Studies indicate that when you stop stressing over your own issues and focus on helping someone else out, your anxiety levels start to decrease, your immune system strengthens and you experience an overall increase in your sense of satisfaction. This is mainly due to the fact that helping someone else interrupts tension-producing patterns and replaces them with a sense of purpose, positive emotions and high confidence levels.

  • Meaningful connections and stories: You have a chance to meet people from all walks of life and make a real connection which may last a lifetime. You could meet your new BFF, future business partner/collaborator or have a scintillating conversation that sparks a real change in your life.

  • A fresh dimension to your career: Volunteering is an excellent way to boost your career prospects and add a dash of colour to set you apart from your peers. Recruiters believe that it helps you create a positive impression, makes you more innovative, creative and gives you a range of useful life skills.

  • Expand your skill sets: Recruiters love a candidate with a range of soft skills. Voila! Volunteering gives you plenty of such opportunities. Facing real time issues on a daily basis, you learn to deal with a myriad mix of personalities and learning to be at home even outside of your comfort zone. In  sum, this helps to improve your ability to function and perform in a team, prepares you for a leadership position, and hones your problem-solving and people skills.

  • Giving back to the society: With our professional and family obligations, life usually gets in the way of our desire to give back to the ecosystem we live in. Wondering where to start? Your area of volunteering should begin where your passions lie. Let your love for animals, teaching or healthcare create positive change in the world. That way all the hard work will be worth it. You will be more committed to the cause and, as a result, your impact will be that much bigger with an unparalleled sense of self-fulfillment and satisfaction.

So, it is not imperative that contentment and satisfaction only be found on a lone mountain in the Himalayas. It can be found right where you are, you just need to look around!

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Blog Creator: Puneet Kaur


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